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How to Volunteer

Session Instructor - A one-on-one mentorship, including horsemanship activities

Mentor -  A one-on-one mentorship, excluding (or with limited) horsemanship activities

Work Crew - Activities include mowing, weed-eating, mucking, and more

Information & Tech - Activities include website design, social networking, etc.

Office Crew - Secretarial duties including organization, paperwork, phone calls, etc.

Arts & Crafts - Leading the craft table by organizing and designing arts & craft projects

Wood Working - Assembling ready-to-make wood projects for the Cargo kids

Prayer Walking - Walking Cargo Ranch and praying for the staff, mentors, kids, etc.

Fundraising - Brainstorming ways to fundraise, organizing fundraisers, calling donors

Marketing - As opportunities arise, including organizing the Cargo Ranch Garage Sale

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