What We Do

First and foremost at Cargo Ranch, we are a ministry for youth.  A place for any kid who needs a place to feel welcome and important.  Our purpose is to share hope and build character in children and youth by meeting their emotional and spiritual needs in an outdoor environment.  We are a faith based non-profit organization that desires to see change in our community.  We feel by building enduring relationships with our kids, lives can be changed in a moment.

Our Founders
Robert & Carrie Carter
Jeff & Debbie Goss

Our Staff
Cade and Elizabeth Chlouber
Maris Goss
Sherry Gibson

Our Board
Bill Meek - Board President
Heather Herron - Secretary
         Robert Carter - Member          
             Justin Wood - Member             
         Dr. Louima Lilite - Member          
Christopher Sanford - Member
Ben Simpson - Member