Age: 10

Color: Bay

Arrival Date to Cargo: June 4, 2011

Quick Facts:

  • Suffered the worst physical injuries out of "The Tornado Boys," with a broken shoulder.

  • Was never supposed to walk on all four legs again. However, he can not only walk but run!

  • The mentors and kids at Cargo have taught him to drink coffee out of Rachel's mug when she isn't looking.

  • The biggest jokester on The Ranch.

  • His first run post-injury was not planned, caught on film, and terrified the staff!

  • Has a brand on his hip that has an apple and a #1 on it. His name was "Jesse" before he came to Cargo and was ironically renamed "Teacher" before anyone noticed the brand. 

  • Due to his injuries after the tornado, he had to live in a small pen for limited movement and received hydrotherapy every day for over 10 months. 

Teacher's Story

Teacher was given his name because he taught us that even when things are tough, it's okay to be all right. A horse with impossible odds stacked against his recovery, but he never had a bad day. Even at the height of his pain, he greeted anyone who approached him with ears forward and eyes full of curiosity. He searches pockets for anything he can eat or play with and has never met a stranger, horse or human. He gives new meaning to "try." He was a victim of circumstance, not unkindness. He had a wonderful owner and life, but he couldn't outrun a tornado. He is a best friend, a playful partner in crime, and a steady presence of hope on the grounds. There has not been a person to date that has chosen to spend time with him and walk away unaffected. His story is one of overcoming adversity. His willingness to trust and follow a lead after such a traumatic time helps us to remember once again that The Lord heals damaged things and we can be made whole in Christ. And in the process of healing, the most important thing is giving glory to our Savior. He heals, He redeems, and He loves to show Himself through the broken. He loves. 

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