Age: 17

Color: Palomino

Arrival Date to Cargo: June 4, 2011

Quick Facts:

  • Had a career in team roping in his younger years.

  • Survived an F5 tornado

  • Has a tick. It shows itself more on windy days. He will bob his head and blink his eyes in rhythm.

  • He holds his foot up when he eats. He will hover it above his feed pan and switch feet every few moments. It looks as if he is dancing.

  • He looks like a Basilisk when he is angry (Harry Potter fans will get it). This is probably why his name was "Snake" when we picked him up.

  • He is one of the three "Tornado Boys." His story and calm demeanor land him "speaking gigs" with various Cargo staff members.

  • Almost lost his eye due to a traumatic injury he received in a storm.

Quinn's Story 

Quinn. If we had an award for the biggest change of character since arrival, it would go to this beautiful palomino. Since we picked him up after surviving an F5 tornado, he has grown from a hesitant, distant, uninterest, and barely tolerant horse, to a willing, playful, gentle, and truly unparalleled partner. He is a steady counselor to any child (or adult) that needs time to stand in the quiet with a brush in hand. 


Quinn spent the first half of his life as a team roping horse. With obvious signs of harsh handling, he had settled it in his mind that he had a job to perform well or risk being punished for a bad performance. After arriving at Cargo, he was given such a long break to completely heal from his storm wounds, that when he started back to riding, we never even let him run. All he knew was running, mostly because of fear. We didn't break a walk for months. With a calmness and patience like never before, he began a new job. He chose to participate in a new opportunity with people. He would ferry kids around, something that he is excellent at. He no longer races forward in his performances but understands the value of slow and steady. He reminds us that "forward is forward." We can all choose to step in that direction with grace and confidence, making the best of the lives we are given. 

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