What We Do
First and foremost at Cargo Ranch, we are a ministry for youth.  A place for any kid who needs a place to feel welcome and important.  Our purpose is to share hope and build character in children and youth by meeting their emotional and spiritual needs in an outdoor environment.  We are a faith based non-profit organization that desires to see change in our community.  We feel by building enduring relationships with our kids, lives can be changed in a moment.

Who We Serve
Children.  Our phrase at The Ranch is "Welcome to horse ranching, it's all about the kids."  We are here to serve them. The Ranch is a place where kids who face challenges or obstacles in life are able to spend time with God's creations.  They are given the opportunity to enjoy being kids while building relationships with people who want to put a smile on their face and share Christ's love with them.  Cargo's goal is to focus on the individual needs of each kid in hopes of showing them just how much they matter.


How We Serve
Our mentorship program is designed to build relationships.  Students commit to 1 1/2 hours at The Ranch every other week in the fall and spring and every week in the summer session.  Each week our session leader and student spend time doing a small chore and working with horses.  Other activities, such as fishing, hiking, or art are available for our kids and their mentors.  Our students are selected for the mentorship program as space and session leaders become available.
Our Founders
Robert & Carrie Carter
Jeff & Debbie Goss
Our Staff
Rachel Molleur - Director of Equine Operations
Ben Dingus - Student Intern
Our Board
Bill Meek -  Board President
Heather Herron - Secretary          
Leslie Click  - Member                    
Ben Simpson - Member
Dr. Louima Lilite - Member            
Christopher Sanford - Member          
Robert Carter - Member

About Cargo Ranch

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